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Boltless heavy weight shelving

Shelving that adjusts to your unique needs.

General Purpose Steel Shelving is a space-effective and economical storage system for almost any heavy-duty application. Manufactured from exceptionally high-quality steel and flexible in design, this steel shelving is designed for versatility and easy installation and can be easily adjusted or moved. Krost also provides a wide range of additional accessories that can enhance the storage capabilities of almost any general purpose steel shelving. These include:  shelf dividers, drawers and kick plates, which means that you are able to customise the shelving exactly the way you want.

  • Boltless heavy-weight shelving has the bonus of being able to support just about any product, being able to bear the weight of heavy items, as well as being able to adjust and conform to the unique requirements of your store or warehouse.
  • Assembly of boltless steel shelving is incredibly easy, as is installation. They are a shelving solution that is not cumbersome, and they allow you to put them wherever you want, and relocate them on a whim. This drastically reduces expenses as you do not need to pay for pricey re-installations nor purchase new unnecessary shelving systems.
  •  These units are assembled into rows of units abreast of one another and back-to-back and are robust enough to support Mezzanine Floors.
  • Krost Shelving and Racking are the storage experts. Part of our outstanding service is to help our clients create a storage design that will get the most out of their storage space with our economical storage solutions.
  • Site visits, Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and quotations are provided free of charge.

    Open Units

    For all open-shelf storage purposes. Supplied complete with bracing strips & bolts and nuts.

    Box-File Units

    For all open-shelf storage purposes. Supplied complete with bracing strips & bolts and nuts.

    Closed Units

    Supplied with back and side plates.

    Pigeon Hole Units

    As SZA7 and SZA8, with two 305mm high dividers per shelf making bins 305mm x 305mm. Solid back and side panels.

    Small Bin Units

    Shelf dividers 152mm high make bins 152mm x 152mm to maximise capacity of units SZC7 and SZC8. Solid back and side panels.

    Drawer Storage Units

    To provide safe and systematic storage of small components with modifiable dividers in drawers. Solid back and side panels.

    Choose the shelving to suit your specialised needs.

    Component Parts Standard Shelf Sizes Standard Angle Iron Sizes
    1. Angle Upright

    2. Back Panel

    3. Side Panel

    4. Shelf

    5. Shelf Divider

    6. Bin Front

    7. Kick Plate

    8. Side Brace

    9. Back Brace

    10. Gusset Plate

    11. Tool Tray (Drawer)

    12. Tool Tray Divider

    914 mm x 305 mm

    914 mm x 381 mm

    914 mm x 457 mm

    914 mm x 610 mm

    914 mm x 762 mm

    914 mm x 914 mm

    991 mm

    2209 mm

    2490 mm

    2819 mm

    3000 mm

    Paint Process

    All our products have a baked epoxy powder coated finish and pass through a 5-stage chemical cleaning process. Powder is applied to an average thickness of 55 microns as per SABS 1274-1979, type 2 method 141 prior to oven baking at 210 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. All paint specifications are independently verified to conform to SABS standards by Corrosion Advisory Technical Services.