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Boltless medium weight shelving


Shelving that adapts to your specialised needs.

One of the best parts of our general purpose steel shelving is that it can be used for a variety of applications. At Krost, we have perfected the art of combining versatility with effectiveness. We have created general purpose steel shelving that can be used in many different contexts, yet it is just as effective in specialised contexts.

General Purpose Steel Shelving is space-saving and is an economical storage system for virtually any medium duty application. It is manufactured from supreme steel and is interchangeable in design. An extensive range of accessories is also available, including shelf dividers, drawers and kick plates, meaning that you can utilise them according to your specific needs.

Boltless steel shelving has numerous benefits, the main being that it provides easy access to stock and merchandise from all sides, making it an ideal shelving solution for almost any location.

Further, the strength of the steel provides more than adequate support for your medium-weight goods.

These medium weight boltless shelving solutions are versatile as they allow for ease of movement from one location to another, so should you need to change the layout of your store or factory, these will easily fit into whatever design you have in mind.

You can view all of the specs for our boltless medium weight shelving systems.

Paint Process

All our products have a baked epoxy powder coated finish and pass through a 5-stage chemical cleaning process. Powder is applied to an average thickness of 55 microns as per SABS 1274-1979, type 2 method 141 prior to oven baking at 210 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. All paint specifications are independently verified to conform to SABS standards by Corrosion Advisory Technical Services.