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Distribution & Logistics Companies

Racking for Distribution & Logistics Companies

Pallet racking is perhaps one of the most efficient storage solutions when it comes to racking for distribution. One of the most common racks for distribution are pallets or “skids”. They provide ease of access in a warehouse or distribution centre to ensure that an efficiently-run organisation is attained. Additionally,they provide the best method to store pallets by stacking them in selective pallet racks.

When speed and accessibility are of the essence, these skids can be reached with any type of forklift, such as reach trucks and counterbalance trucks. The system is cost-effective and sensible as it can also be easily readjusted or moved to another location.

Racking for distribution using this method is perhaps the most economical way to make use of all the space that you already have without having to go to the expense of moving premises or relocating in order to attain extra warehouse or distribution room.

Krost Shelving and Racking is there to design and assist you in running your operation to maximum effectiveness. Over the long haul, this will prove to be immensely profitable.

All our racking solutions are completely adaptable and boltless, and can be manufactured as light-, medium- and heavy-duty racking. drive-in, drive thru and cantilever complete the range of racks available.

If you are in the market for racking for distribution for your product range, we have the solution for your individual requirements.