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Drive-In Racking, Drive through racking

Designed specifically for high density storage of palletised items, Krost’s drive-in, drive-thru racking is recommended where multiple unit loads per stock keeping unit (SKU) need to be stored, and where access to every individual load stored is not essential. Drive-in racking allows for the most effective use of space.The high density of storage attained, and the relative ease or accessibility, make this rack system ideal for cold storage, bulk storage production areas, or pre-marshalling areas. Where a First In First Out operation is required, drive-thru storage systems require a two aisle configuration, whereas drive-in racking allows maximum cube utilisation with one aisle and First In, Last Out storage.


  • Maximum utilisation of the available space.
  • No isles required.
  • Strict control of flow within the warehouse.
  • Krost has exactly what you need with our quick install racking systems.

    Racking Types

  • Selective Pallet
  • Pallet Racking
  • Selective Storage
  • Drive-in, Drive-Thru Racking
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Industrial Racking
  • Racking Services

  • Racking Repairs
  • Racking Protection
  • Paint Process
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  • What Is Industrial Racking
  • Since 1965, Krost Shelving and Racking has been installing storage solutions for people all over South Africa, no matter the size or requirements. We offer comprehensive shelving and racking systems that are tailor-made for each client’s individual needs. With our decades of experience and expertise, there are no other shelving and racking companies in the country that can offer the quality products and service that Krost does.

    The purpose of our drive-in racking and drive-through racking is to make packing and selective of items within a large space as easy as possible. Order is maintained at all times with these systems, which enable businesses to get on with the tasks that really matter, as precious time is not wasted on searching for stock.

    We provide these systems for all types of businesses, whether you are dealing in light-, medium-, or heavy-duty storage of products.

    Industries that benefit from our solutions

    For large warehouses where heavy goods are transported to and from via a forklift. We have the finest racking on offer in South Africa.

  • Document Storage Solutions
  • Retail stores
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution / Logistics Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • At Krost, we take pride in our work. This pride extends from the manufacturing process, all the way through to the sale of our superior products and beyond.

    We offer unrivalled service and advice, as we aim to find the most cost-effective way for our clients to store their goods, while also providing strong, durable and reliable products. This combination of goals is rare in a business, which is what sets us apart from our competition.

    We specialise in providing shelving and racking, with an emphasis on mezzanine floors and lockers, too. With a combination of our storage systems, any business, no matter the industry or the size, will benefit immensely from installation of our systems. Workflow will increase and be more streamlined, as less time will be spent on unnecessary tasks such as packing and picking, and more time on activities that truly bring your business money.

    Krost frame capacity for light-, medium- and heavy-duty racking