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Mezzanine Floors in Cape Town

If you live in the Cape Town area and you’re looking for a way to create space in your warehouse or business without knocking down walls or moving premises, you’ll want to find a storage manufacturer who won’t just sell you any old solution. At Krost, we do more than manufacture durable mezzanine floors in Cape Town; we provide clients with a storage solution that considers their needs right from the get-go.

When our clients need mezzanine floors, we don’t just take their orders and manufacture them. We make sure that their space is as optimised as possible. We do this by offering a free service where we assess your current space and construct a 3D visualisation of the possibilities that your warehouse or business holds. This helps you to see exactly how we can optimise your space before anything is installed; you’ll avoid costly mistakes and save money by getting only what you need.

In addition to this, we have refined our installation processes down to an art, and so we take up only a little bit of time when we install our products. This, of course, means that your workflow continues as streamlined as ever, and business hardly slows down.

So if your business is in Cape Town, the next time you look at your premises and bite your nails down to the quick at the thought of having to move locations, consider installing a mezzanine floor from Krost rather, the experts in all things storage. Contact Krost Shelving for all your mezzanine floors needs in  Cape Town.


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Download Mezzanine Floors Brochure

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