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Types of Warehouse Storage Equipment and Their Uses

For those not directly involved in logistics or the bulk storage of wholesale goods, the wide range of warehouse equipment available for this purpose might come as a surprise. While the bulk of these items take the form of racks, the individual design of these units varies quite widely. To some extent, this variation is a necessary requirement in order to cater for the type of goods to be stored. Read More

Store Racks Can Save You Space and Increase Your Sales

While the retail industry has grown to become the lifeblood of even the smallest towns, some retail outlets are invariably more successful than others. Their superior performance, however, is not always, as one might imagine, due to competitive pricing or the superior quality of their merchandise. In practice, the layout of a store and, particularly, its use of display racks can play quite a significant role in determining its sales Read More

Taking Your Storage to New Heights with Industrial Mezzanine Flooring

Although the inflation rate in South Africa is not excessive by world standards, the effect of rising prices on family and business budgets has left many needing to curb their spending. Of those with a need to purchase or rent commercial premises, many have been forced to settle for smaller facilities and, as a result, find ways to maximise the use of every bit of space they have. Shelving, of Read More

A Few Of the Possible Uses for Industrial Shelving

In many workplaces, space tends to be at a premium and it is often necessary to ensure that as much as possible of that which actually is available is used as efficiently as possible. Often, there will be a need to provide work surfaces and storage space, whist also ensuring that there is adequate space for workers. One of the most effective ways to satisfy each of these criteria is Read More

The Nature and Common Uses of Gondola Shelving

While wending our ways around the aisles of a hypermarket or the aisles of one of South Africa’s convenience stores, our attention is invariably too focused on the items we are seeking to purchase for us to pay much attention to the equipment that is used to display them. In most retail outlets, the latter will be of the design commonly known as gondola shelving. It is a display option Read More

Useful Guidelines When Choosing A Racking System for Your Warehouse

Equipping even a relatively small warehouse with a suitable racking system can be a costly exercise. Consequently, it is important to make sure you get things right first time. Should you fail to do so, it might mean that your operation will not run as efficiently as you may have hoped. However, in the event of a more extensive disruption, it could mean you might be faced with the need Read More

Types of Industrial Shelving, and Their Common Uses

Regardless of the manufacturer, or which brand name it displays, industrial shelving can take one of three basic forms. Each of these forms has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which will need to be considered, when deciding which of the three types may prove to be the best choice for use in any given application and location.

Steel Racking and Shelving – Understanding the Difference

Among those who are unfamiliar with the operational requirements of retail and warehousing facilities, it seems common to assume that racking and shelving are essentially one and the same thing, whether made from steel or from another material. In fact, the two products are quite different, both in terms of their design, and with regard to the various uses for which they are intended.

Some Tips on How to Choose the Right Industrial Flooring

It can be difficult enough to choose between carpeting and laminates when considering the best surfacing solution for the family home, but either option is likely to prove suitable most of the time. However, when one is faced with deciding upon the best industrial flooring solution for a given operation, the consequences of making the wrong choice could be more serious as well as costlier. As is normally the case Read More

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Warehouse Equipment and Storage

In order to provide the level of service their clients depend upon, warehouse owners must ensure they choose their equipment with care and that they utilise their storage space as fully and efficiently as possible. In practice, it is the care taken over the former that will make it possible to ensure the most efficient utilisation of the available space. To be certain that this initial choice will be the Read More