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3 Ways to Use Mezzanine Floors in the home

Most people think of mezzanine floor suppliers as working exclusively with industrial clients, such as those in the storage and warehousing industries. While it is true that large warehouses, shops and logistics companies do make use of mezzanine floors to maximise their space and efficiency, mezzanine floors are also a great way to change and maximise the spaces in the home setting too! Mezzanine floor installation is very quick and relatively simple, as well as being one of the most cost-effective methods of augmenting your home spaces. Mezzanine floors can be dressed up or dressed down to fit in with your own personal style – from tiles to metal sheeting to wooden floors, and with dozens of different options when it comes to staircases, balustrades and finishes. Here are three great ideas that use mezzanine floor installation to completely change private dwellings for more room, better use of space, and better home storage.

The Bedroom

Small bedrooms, and especially open-plan loft apartments, need to make the absolute most of the available space, and one great way to free up extra room is to move the bed to a mezzanine floor above the rest of the room. If you’ve got high ceilings, this is a super-stylish solution and a fun way to organise your sleeping space.

krostshelving mezzanine floors bedroomImage Credit: trendir.com

The Home Office or Study

If you don’t have a dedicated study (and many homes don’t, these days), it can be annoying to have to store books, files and papers in the public areas of the house. Add to this the fact that a home office should be quiet and peaceful, and you’ll soon realise that the living area does not make an ideal workspace, especially with children around. A mezzanine floor could give you your own private getaway where you can work, read, and store your books without worrying about storage.

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The garage

Garages are not only storage places for cars, tools and large equipment such as lawnmowers. The garage also has a tendency to house things that we prefer to remain unseen, whether it’s boxes of books and papers, old furniture or any other unwanted clutter. This combination means that garages are often extremely cluttered, dusty and messy, but a mezzanine floor could change all that! With an extra floor in your garage, you could organise and store all the things you don’t often need to access, freeing up more floor space for all the things you do. The result is a garage where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place!