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4 Great Uses for Steel Lockers

Steel lockers may conjure up images of  old-fashioned school hallways, but the fact that steel locker manufacturers are still in business, and that steel lockers are as common as ever before, are testament to the usefulness, security and reliability that steel lockers provide wherever you find them.

As Johannesburg’s top steel locker suppliers, we provide lockers to a vast array of different types of businesses and public spaces. We take a look at the four most common, and explore why they’re so popular.

Offices and workplaces

Steel locker manufacturers make lockers and locker cabinets in many different sizes and configurations, meaning that the size and style of the lockers can be customised to the specific needs of employees. When employees have their own safe spaces for their valuables, they are happier and more productive. Most employees travel to work with lunches, electronic devices, identification and access cards, valets, handbags, and many other valuables on a day to day basis. Providing secure storage will lessen the chances of theft in the workplace, not to mention the possibility of things going innocently and accidentally missing.

Colleges and schools

Steel lockers are extremely common in learning institutions, usually because of the number of books and other tools students need on a day to day basis. Even today, when pen and paper are being replaced by digital learning and touch-screen devices, students still need quality secure storage options in order to prevent theft, loss, and even bullying.

Krostshelving steel lockers school

Image Credit: school-stories.org

Gyms and sports clubs

Gyms and sports clubs see a high level of traffic in and out of the locker room, and most members require somewhere safe to store their valuables and gym gear while they work out. Leisure and sports clubs are also notorious hotspots for unattended valuables, from purses and car keys to smartphones and music players.

Krostshelving steel lockers gym

Image Credit: greatest.com

Charging stations

Who hasn’t experienced that moment of panic when you’re out and about, needing to get in touch with someone, but with a dying phone battery? Cell phone charging stations are becoming a more and more common sight in public areas such as shopping centres and airports, and some companies even operate a mobile locker service for cell phone charging at festivals and outdoor events. This is an excellent way to generate some extra money, as well as to offer a useful service to your clients and visitors.

Of course, there are absolutely no limits on what our lockers are used for, so if you’re in need of some top quality and secure steel lockers for your premises, contact one of our consultants today!


Main Image Credit: huffingtonpost.com