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4 Tips for Maximising Office Space

Maximising office floor space is easier said than done. Office space never seems to be big enough, but moving to bigger premises can be expensive, both in terms of moving and in terms of the extra monthly rental.

However, there are ways to make more room within a small space. One of the most popular of these is to install Krost mezzanine floors. Whether in Johannesburg, Lagos, Harare or Cape Town, small, medium and large businesses can all benefit from installing reliable mezzanine floors.

In addition to this space-saving method, there are other ways to go about creating more room in your office. Have a look below:


The first point to figure out is exactly how much space you have, and then how much space the items in your office, such as desks, are taking up. Desks and other larger items can often be rearranged in a more space-economical manner, without putting people on top of one another.

Moreover, the same goes for meeting and board rooms. Wonder about the office and think of all the rooms you may not be using. These spaces could perhaps be used for other, more necessary items.

Throw Away Clutter

Once you’ve figured out how much space you have versus how much you need, the second task should be to de-clutter. There are few environments on earth that can accumulate junk and clutter faster than an office. While physical storage is necessary and indeed, a legal requirement in many industries, we’re all guilty of storing papers and other junk that we simply don’t need.

Be Practical

It’s important to be both sensible and practical when it comes to making more space. Remember that people need more space than stationery and immobile items. Furthermore, it’s best to allocate space according to necessity, rather than according to a staff member’s rank within the company. A big office might be nice to have, but if you’re lacking in space, don’t hesitate to make more practical use of that large office.

Make Space

If you simply don’t have space in your office, make some more. As mentioned, this can be done by adding in mezzanine floors, as well as using the walls and even desk and office dividers.

If you’re looking for reliable mezzanine floors in Johannesburg and indeed, the rest of South Africa, look no further than Krost! We specialise in the manufacture and installation of mezzanine flooring, shelving, racking, and durable lockers.

Main image credit: officesnapshots.com