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7 Safety Considerations from One of the Top Racking Companies in Johannesburg

As a top racking company in Gauteng, Krost is well aware of the various hazards associated with warehouses and industrial areas.  We know that well-constructed racking is one of the best safeguards against workplace injury, which is why we use our decades of experience to build high-quality, durable products.

But, in addition to offering excellent and affordable racking services, we also like to provide information about how best to use industrial racking.  We feel that the following 7 safety precautions should be followed by any company using industrial racking:


  1. Observe Correct Stacking Techniques

    Even the sturdiest and highest-quality racking can’t prevent against damage or injury due to improper stacking. It is important to ensure staff training and monitor stacking proficiency on a regular basis.  Loose or improperly stacked objects are very dangerous when stored at height.


  1. Emphasise Safety Awareness

    Owners and managers of environments that use racking should communicate the dangers of incorrect rack use to all employees on a regular basis. Be sure that each staff member understands proper etiquette when loading, unloading, and handling industrial racking in any way.


  1. Ensure Rack Quality

    Choose only the best racking companies in Johannesburg to be certain of high-quality racking. Inferior racking is susceptible to cracks and breaks which can result in dangerous working conditions.  If budget is an issue, there are some affordable racking services that still offer products of exceptional quality, like Krost.


  1. Use the Correct Equipment

    It is important that staff members do not take risks, even when facing tight deadlines. Such risks might cause certain workers to attempt to bypass certain processes, but this is never a good idea.  Be certain that the correct equipment is always being used around industrial racking, and that that equipment is being used in the proper way.


  1. Keep Aisles Clear

    Aisles are intended to provide clear access to all of the pallets on a particular rack. Ensure that these aisles are thus always kept clear, as blocked aisles can create hazards for forklifts and personnel alike.


  1. Do Not Overload Racks

    Even the highest-quality racks are designed with specific load values in mind. Overloading racks could exceed these values and cause the racks to strain or buckle.  It is thus important to use the racks for only their intended purposes.


  1. Perform Frequent Checks

    Small issues can turn into potentially fatal issues if not addressed immediately. For this reason it is important to conduct frequent quality checks on all of the racks in an environment in order to ensure they are still in perfect order.  Any issues should be rectified immediately.


Krost is a leading racking company in Gauteng, and thus knows about safety; regarding both safety in racking manufacturing and their applied use.  For more on the correct use of racking systems, be sure to contact us today.






Image credit: http://www.aalhysterforklifts.com.au/index.php/about/blog-post/9_simple_tips_to_prevent_racking_damage_or_workplace_injuries