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A brand who cares, since 1965

At Krost Shelving and Raking, we have a simple philosophy and it rings true in what we do every day. It’s that we care. This is never more evident than in our work ethic and the product we produce. We realise our customers are the lifeline to our success and therefore are our number one priority. Showing, not just saying we care is the difference between us and our competitors and as has been proven time and time again, is what gives us the edge and is a testament to our longevity in the industry.

Our humble beginnings (regardless of our success) mean we don’t taking what we do for granted. Our experience in caring, attentive service has been a priority since 1965 and we have been installing some of the biggest shelving and racking and more solutions in South Africa.

Krost Shelving and Racking takes honour in its craft and supplies the country’s top blue chip companies as well as SMEs. No job is too big or small for us – we know that prioritising our customers no matter who they are has contributed to our success.

At Krost we make it our mission to maximise the use of shelf space and design custom made shelving units to suit every individual storage need. Quality does come with a price but with Krost’s shelving and racking systems you save more money than you think.

Ever wondered how much equipment or mass production products you can store away? No need to wonder, at Krost we know you need to maximise on your space. We realise shelving and racking is anvital aspect to the production of any company and thus we deliver the best quality shelving and racking systems.

We strive to capture and fulfil each and every space with unique shelving and racking that is perfectly designed for your needs – from the heaviest loads down till the lightest storage requirements. Our shelving and racking systems are all dependent on your individual needs.

For shelving, racking and more visit Johannesburg get in contact now on 011 827 5555.

Image Credit: http://www.stodec.com/dexion-pallet-racking-shelving.php