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A Little Feng Shui In The Warehouse?

While you may be of the opinion that Feng Shui is a principle that is not only out of date, but that only applies to the home, you might be surprised to learn that warehouse managers are using some of the principles of this ancient Oriental art to keep their warehouses in order and products easily accessible at all times.

In fact, this age-old organisational tradition has helped many warehouse owners and managers create more space in their warehouses and make everything from pallets, shelving and racking units to steel floors look cleaner, clearer and more available. So what can you do to get the same effect for your warehouse?

Well, first, you need to ask yourself whether the shelving systems you are using are correct. If you have shelving that is high and long for example, consider the fact that it may not be placed to the best advantage of the space. In order to open up the room and create a cleaner look, consider pushing the shelves towards one corner of the room.

Allocate this area specifically for a certain product or range of products and keep smaller shelves at a 180-degree angle to the larger ones at the end of every row for accessories, files and any other products that are small enough to fit there. Not only will this make the stacking and shelving easier for those doing the work, but it also keeps the warehouse tidier.

Shelving systems that are lower and wider should be at diagonal angle to the aforementioned shelves, and ideally under the highest windows, if applicable. This will ensure that light gets into the warehouse, giving your labourers a sense of the time of day and keeping the space looking more light and airy. No one likes to work in the dark after all.

If you have tables, desks and other office materials, use temporary shelving units, either small or medium sized, to create a small office in a third corner, with these items in that space. The designated office space not only neatens up the warehouse, but also ensures that everyone knows where to go if they to find you.

Finally be sure that all cranes and trucks, tools and other materials are stored in a fourth corner, or other allocated space, when not in use. This ensures that your warehouse is pristine when everyone leaves for the day and any tools or machinery needed are accessible at all times.

Ensure that everyone knows exactly where each must be placed at the end of the day, to keep the warehouse tidy. As for the shelving and racks, ensure you get the cleanest and most durable units from Krost Shelving.