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Benefits of Industrial Mezzanine Floors

The word ‘mezzanine’ likely comes from the Italian Mezzanino, which means roughly ‘in the middle’.  But, regardless of its origins, mezzanine flooring is immensely popular in the present, and has been for many, many years on account of its practicality.

As mezzanine floor suppliers we are an authority on mezzanine floors, and as such would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a little insight on the usefulness of mezzanine flooring to a business.  But, before we begin listing the numerous features of mezzanines, let us first take a look at their fundamental features:

What are Mezzanine Floors?

Simply described, a mezzanine is an elevated platform which is installed between two permanent floors.  The material from which it is crafted depends altogether on the environment, as well as the stress which the mezzanine will have to bear.  In industrial settings, mezzanines come under a great deal of stress from various loads and thus need to be strong and durable.

Mezzanines are sometimes fixed to the side of a structure, but can be free standing as well.  They are typically supported by steel columns, whose primary function is the keep the mezzanine suspended, but also sometimes function as shelves for additional storage.

Mezzanine flooring is not an entire level, in that it often uses the same ceiling as the floor beneath it.  Mezzanines are often considered to be balconies, and use part of the space between floors without sealing those floors off completely.  This creates a great deal of added floor space without having to sacrifice light and air, effectively making mezzanines very popular choices for architects.  Many buildings outside of the industrial sector, such as theatres, museums, and train stations, make use of mezzanines specifically because of this benefit.

But, what other benefits do mezzanines bring to the industrial sector?

The Benefits, as Told by Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

Industrial mezzanines are often semi-permanent structures, which allow them to be moved easily around warehouses and workshops.  This gives structure owners a very agreeable option for space utilisation.  Furthermore, the space under free standing mezzanines can be used for storage.

Mezzanines are able to support the weight of stock and products, are easily accessible, and are fabricated with essential safety features, which make them popular for picking and loading areas.  These are just some of the essential features of mezzanines which make them so popular in the industrial sector.

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