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Adding Additional Storage Space to Your Business Premises

It is common knowledge to every business owner that beyond inventory to sell, it is vital to have enough work and storage space to accommodate your inventory. Sometimes a business will find that it’s able to expand, but hasn’t expanded enough to validate moving to a larger warehouse location. Your choice is then to use new racking or shelving systems, as well as to install a mezzanine floor. Further, there is also the choice of employing a mixture of all three concept solutions.

If you are keeping your current location, but need to add more storage space, the installation going vertical is a good option. This means that you fully use the leftover space between your current product clearance height and the ceiling of the building shell.

The first system solution to take into consideration is racking. You might try selective pallet racking, a storage solution that offers easy access to all pallets. Additionally, this system can be combined with Krost heavy, medium or light duty selective storage racking system in order to keep your goods without a pallet, packing these items on the lower shelves and the bulk/pallets above.

The next solution to consider is to add a shelving system. Boltless heavy weight shelving is a system that is designed for almost any heavy duty application, while providing an economical storage system that is also space-effective. Boltless shelving is made from exceptionally high quality steel, remaining flexible in design. It was designed with versatility and ease of installation in mind, not to mention a system that could be adjusted and moved easily to meet your business needs.

Finally, there is another way to add both work space and storage – the mezzanine floor. This system enables the building’s surface area to be maximised by essentially doubling the storage space. Additionally, mezzanine floors are custom designed, and can be used as storage, fabrication, packing areas offices, and more.

Some advantages to mezzanine floors are that you can add Krost shelving and racking solutions to the floors. They are easy to install with minimal disruption to operations. Further, no planning approval is required since the floors are considered demountable structures. Plus, they can be disassembled, increased in size, moved, decreased in size and reassembled in accordance with your business needs. As a custom safety addition, you can choose to have hand railings, access stairs and even knee railings installed.

Krost Shelving specialises in a variety of racking and shelving solutions and our team is ready to assist you with all your shelving needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you organise any retail, warehouse or office space.

Image credit: estrutural.com.pt