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Right Racking for the Job

When used correctly, racking can provide unrivalled storage possibilities for warehouses and industrial workplaces.  It can decrease the risk of duty-related injuries and greatly improve productivity through increased workflow.  However, when used incorrectly, it can decrease productivity and increase the risk of injury in certain situations.  As racking services, we at Krost know how beneficial quality racking can be to any business if it is properly utilised, which is why we would like to provide you with a few pointers on how to arrange and use racking in your warehouse or workplace.

Advice from Your Favourite Racking Suppliers

In order to see your business reach its maximum potential, and reduce the risk of any workplace injuries, we would like to supply you with the following tips:

1. Use the Right Tool for the Job

First and foremost, never skimp on racking.  Inferior quality racking can be a risk in the workplace – both to your employees and your stock – so it’s worth going to the best racking services for your storage needs.

Secondly, always ensure that you’re using the right storage option for your requirements.  Long and abnormally shaped items are perfect for cantilever racking, for example, but boxes won’t work for this storage solution.  Similarly, pallets should only be stored on pallet racking, since it is made for this specific purpose.  Using the wrong type of racking for specific types of items can have catastrophic results.

2. Stack Correctly

In order to maintain a safe working environment it is important to create an effective stacking procedure and never veer from it.  Ensure that all racking is always bottom-heavy to create solidity.  Top-heavy racks are always in danger of toppling.

3. Plan Effectively

Packing a great deal of storage racks into a certain space might seem like a good idea to increase efficiency, but if it is too confined it can have the opposite effect.  Make sure that all aisles have adequate dimensions and can accommodate the necessary forklift manoeuvres.  It is a good idea to involve operations managers in the planning process, as they will be able to contribute valuable insight.

4. Promote Caution in Employees

Many employees try to work too quickly in order to boost their own productivity, which can often result in mistakes.  It is vital to stress the importance of safety, and have your employees slow down their operations in order to create a safer environment and limit picking errors.

For advice on the storage solution which will best suit your needs and your environment, be sure to contact Krost today!


Image: http://krostshelving.com/cantilever-racking/