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What Are the Best Heavy Duty Steel Shelves for Your Warehouse?

Heavy duty steel shelves


So, you have some heavy equipment or products that need storing and you know you need a specialised solution. It is a great sign that you want the right equipment for the job, and searching for heavy duty steel shelves is a great start.  But, as you might already know, there is a wide selection of shelving types on the market – all of which are suited to specific tasks. So how do you choose the right shelving solution for your needs?


To help you make your decision, we’ll take a look at some of the strongest shelves on the market and we’ll go into a bit of detail with regards to their uses.


3 Strong and Versatile Options for Heavy Duty Steel Shelves


  1. Rivet Shelving

We mentioned that certain heavy duty steel shelves are created for specific uses, but some offer wider spectrum of uses, making them versatile and, understandably, very popular. Rivet shelving is a fine example of versatile shelving, being ideal for use in industrial settings, retail outlets, and even some office environments.


Rivet shelving is quick to assemble, easy to customise, and very strong. And, to top it all off, it is a very affordable form of shelving. So, unless you have some very specific items that need storing, you can usually bank on rivet shelving being a good fit for your needs.


  1. Bolted Steel Shelving

Bolted steel shelving is another option that gives you a lot of versatility in terms of customisation. You can tailor it to perfectly suit the equipment or products that you intend to store. Do you want a closed back and sides to offer extra safety or support? Do you want pigeonholes or little drawers? Do you want open braced bolted steel shelving to accommodate larger and irregularly-shaped objects? These are all possibilities with this form of shelving.


  1. Boltless Heavy Weight Shelving

Boltless heavy weight shelving has similar versatility to bolted heavy duty steel shelving, except its boltless mechanism allows for enhanced customisation. This means that you can move this form of shelving around easily, making it ideal to accommodate changing stock and equipment. And, as the name suggests, it can stand up to heavy loads.


Where to Buy Heavy Duty Steel Shelves


If this short guide has helped you narrow down your choice, be sure to contact us to place an order for your warehouse or business. And, if you would like our help in deciding which type of shelving would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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