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How to Choose the Ideal Change Room Lockers South Africa

Whether they are located in a fitness club or an industrial environment, change rooms are often overlooked in terms of design options. They are seen by many as purely functional, and, as a result, not in need of any special features. But, a certain amount of care should be taken when choosing change room lockers South Africa. After all, they need to keep clothing clean, food fresh, and valuables safe, and they need to be robust enough to not succumb to wear and tear too quickly.


So, with this in mind, how do you choose the best lockers for your change room? Here are a few helpful tips:


Tips for Choosing Change Room Lockers South Africa


  1. Material

Wood and plastic are sometimes considered for lockers. But plastic is not very strong and wood can warp when placed in a humid environment. This is why, when it comes to locker material, you can’t go wrong with steel. It is sturdy enough to take a beating, and, if coated correctly, it can stand up exceptionally well to moisture. Steel is thus the ideal material for a wide variety of settings ranging from schools to sports clubs to workshops.


  1. Style

When choosing lockers, it is important to consider the various ways in which they might be used. Are your employees or customers likely to keep a change of clothes in the lockers? If so, you need lockers that have the height and physical features to support this. If not, you could opt for smaller compartment lockers, which are ideal for the storing of valuables.


  1. Locks

Consider which type of locking solution would work better in the environment. Sports clubs may benefit more from combination locks, as these don’t require members to carry keys around the facility whilst they are exercising. This could also be the case in industrial environments, although many workwear items feature sealable pockets in which keys can be kept securely, making padlocks an option here.


  1. Layout

Finally, you need to decide on the layout of the change room and consider which types of lockers will work best. While you do need to take the requirements of users into account, you don’t want to create a situation where you simply don’t have enough lockers to accommodate everyone. If space is an issue, you might have to compromise by scaling down the size of the lockers and fitting more of them.


Change Room Lockers South Africa


Once you have answered the questions surrounding these four issues, you will have a good idea of the type of lockers that are right for your business or workplace. All you need to do now is contact Krost and have us fabricate them for you. With a wide range of choices, we are sure to be able to outfit your business with the perfect lockers for its needs.