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Choosing the Right Steel Shelving for Your Business

Whether you own a grocery shop or a workshop, you can’t deny the fact that steel shelving is one of the most versatile forms of storage available – if not the most versatile. This is why so many businesses seek out metal shelving as the ultimate shelving solutions.

Whether it is industrial shelving or gondola shelving, the shelving units available from Krost are extremely strong, durable and, importantly, our shelving for sale is very affordable.

If you would like your business to benefit from the versatility of shelving and are ready to bring in some shelving units, you’ve made a wise choice. But, before buying any shelving for sale, you might want to explore various shelving solutions and decide which form of metal shelving is right for your business.

Industrial Shelving

When it comes to finding shelving for your warehouse or workshop, you have a lot of choice. Bolted steel shelving is excellent for these purposes. Versatile and easily-adjustable for hassle-free repositioning, bolted steel shelves work perfectly in any industrial environment. And, with specially designed accessories, such as kick-plates, drawers, and shelf-dividers, you are sure to end up with a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

If you need to provide optimum protection for the items or products that you store, you might opt for closed back and side bolted steel shelving. As the name suggests, these shelves offer closed backs and sides, ensuring that nothing can fall easily from the storage surfaces. By joining these units it is possible to use common side or back plates, ensuring big savings on your part.

Rivet shelving is also excellent for industrial environments. These units feature rivet beams that make them durable and versatile. Able to be nicely customised to suit your particular needs, rivet shelving units are ideal for a variety of purposes.

These extend to offices and retail environments as well, as do bolted steel shelves. However, many retailers opt for our gondola shelving for sale.

Gondola Shelving

Many retail environments, such as supermarkets, bottle stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, etc. make use of gondola shelving for sale. These units’ interchangeable fittings allow for excellent customisation, which is perfect for the display of absolutely any product. And, with gondola shelving being so easy to install, having these units fitted does not drastically hinder a shop’s normal operations.

These are just some of the options available to you. But, as you can see, even these few examples can work in a variety of environments. For more on which shelving solutions would best suit your business, be sure to contact Krost today!

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