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Choosing the Right Lockers for Recreational Facilities

With the resurgence in health concerns and a desire to look their best, many people have been flocking in droves to their local recreational facilities. Many of these facilities boast a workout room, swimming pool, weight room, and basketball, racquetball or tennis court. With form and execution as the most prominent concerns of the recreational facility clientele, where to place their personal items, from the constantly buzzing cell phone with the instant updates via their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the new concern for business owners with these facilities is just where to put all those personal items of their patrons.

The answer is to install steel lockers, where your fitness-minded clients can secure their attention-grabbing items and make full use of your premises, while having a safe and fun time. What exactly is a storage locker? A locker is an industrial steel cabinet, which is usually designed to be a permanent fixture on premises. These locking storage units are intended for safe-keeping valuables and other items belonging to both staff and clientele. They can be used to store clothes, bowls and food, and act as transitory safe-keeping of firearms and valuables – in guest houses, clubs, hotels, etc.

Krost manufactures steel lockers that are designed to provide safe and secure storage for staff and clients. Some choices include: single door lockers, two doors or four doors – each with its own compartment. These choices also include plastic lockers and a hinging system which has flush fitting doors for easy removal when providing maintenance and cleaning. Also, the design can be made as free-standing, on legs or on solid plinths.

Within your premises, these steel lockers can be used also for staff and equipment lockers, for work wear or modular storage. Or they can be made with an incline at the top to ensure there is no accumulation of things above. In addition, choices range in sizes, door colors, even locking mechanisms.

In addition to these, Krost Shelving can provide locker stands which allow staff to clean beneath them. Finally, the configurations for the locker installations come with Krost’s unique self-locking device.

Image credit: Pixabay.com