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Decrease Your Energy Costs with Mobile Warehouse Racking


You may have heard of Ceres Fruit Growers. In fact, you could well have a box of their juice in your fridge right now. But, if not, they are a fruit farming company with huge distribution demands. And, having such demands on their perishable products meant that the company had to find innovative solutions to moving their products quickly and keeping their fruit fresh. And they found such solutions in a type of warehouse racking.


The company knew that, particularly in cold storage environments, stagnancy was what lessened the shelf life of their fruit. They wanted to implement a storage idea that allowed for circulation as well as gave them an opportunity to improve their product accessibility in the warehouse.


The solution that they decided on was mobile warehouse racking. This was implemented around two decades ago, and has been serving the company well ever since. Not only did the improved circulation make stock picking easier and faster, the improved circulation maintained freshness for longer. And, as an added bonus, the improved circulation actually decreased the warehouse’s energy costs.


Ceres keeps its aisles in simultaneous motion, which certainly works well in terms of speed. And the company estimates that this approach has actually increased its storage capacity by between 75 and 80 percent – a huge margin.



If you have a warehouse that deals with perishable items and a high turnaround, this system could be equally as profitable for you. So, how do you go about implementing this?


Types of Mobile Warehouse Racking


If you want to introduce a form of mobile racking into your warehouse in order to speed up your processes, you could introduce one of the following racking systems:


  1. Carton Live Racking

Carton live racking utilises inclined platforms which consist of roller wheels. This racking system then uses gravity to roll packages down the inclines, controlling their speed so as to avoid build-ups at the picking face. This allows for rapid picking, as well as the reduced number of staff necessary to replenish stock.


  1. Shuttle Racking

Shuttle racking uses remote controlled shuttles to carry goods along tunnels which run the length of the racks. This is slightly more mechanical than carton live racking, but it allows for whole pallets to be kept mobile.


You can obtain both of these types of racking from us, as well as numerous other racking systems. So, if you would like to optimise your warehouse to move goods more efficiently and save money in the process, be sure to contact Krost today!


Image credit: By Cortes003 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons