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Difficulties in Fire Protection for Warehouses

Image credit: Warehouse Buildings

Steel lockers are a great boon to any warehouse when it comes to storage, as they are study and can hold a great deal of stock in an orderly and easy-to-access manner. You can find top quality steel lockers for sale from Krost Shelving and Racking.

Another great benefit of steel lockers is that, should a fire break out in your warehouse, the items stored within them may be salvageable as the steel may be able to withstand a fair degree of heat.

Fire protection within a warehouse is vital, but implementing adequate safety measures is not so simple. Traditionally, warehouses have made use of water sprinklers, but there are a number of problems with this method of fire suppression. First off, water supply to warehouses is often limited due to location and size. Secondly, while fire certainly destroys materials, water can do just as much damage, so this is not always a great alternative to fire.

Furthermore, the nature of the goods stored and the way in which they are stored affects the type of suppression system that will be required. As there are varying classes of fire, certain extinguishers can actually make a blaze worse if they come into contact with the wrong materials. Similarly, if you change your method of storage, such as going from wooden to plastic pallets, you will need to update your fire protection system accordingly.

In addition, there are other factors to take into account, such as housekeeping. When an inspector inspects the premises, she/he will look out for items lying in doorways which block exits, as well as any flammable debris, and electrical cords that are not being used properly or are lying around in a disorderly manner. This all needs to be sorted out before passing a safety inspection.

However, even after passing an inspection, there is no guarantee that your warehouse will not burn down. Indeed, fire safety measures are in place to protect a warehouse as much as possible, but there is no way to prepare for every eventuality, and so owners can’t simply forget about fire safety when just basic requirements have been fulfilled, but rather, every measure must be taken to safeguard the premises.

Such measures include educating and informing employees. Make sure that there is an evacuation plan in place and practise it every few months so that it remains fresh in the minds of workers. Similarly, training staff in fire extinguisher operation may also be the difference between a small, manageable fire, and an inferno that destroys the entire structure and everything in it. And above all of this, it may be the difference between losing and saving lives.

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