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DIY Shelving

At Krost, we’re all about making your life simpler and easier, whether it’s by giving you DIY tips on putting up shelves in your home, perhaps for a bookshelf for your children’s textbooks, or it’s supplying you with much needed shelving and racking to make your office a place of Zen, we’re dedicated to helping you. Here are some helpful hints to ensure that your books don’t break or slide off the shelf:

DIY Shelving Cheat Sheets


The number of products we supply and the applications for them are almost endless. Would you like to clear more space in your retail shop and make your goods look more appealing in a neat display? Our gondolas are perfect for the job. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more industrial; our steel shelving can handle the load of your merchandise with ease. Affordability and practicality are the objectives in mind with every shelf and rack we manufacture.