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Do you need a rack-supported mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine levels are becoming all the rage for households, offices and even industrial spaces such as warehouses. These days, there is a wide variety of mezzanine floor types to choose from, all made of different materials and all great in their own way. One of these is the rack-supported mezzanine flooring, a unique and slightly different take on the more traditional type of flooring.

Rack-supported floors for a mezzanine level are a new take on the concept of mezzanines. This type of floor, as the name may have indicated to you already, is built with shelving and rack systems in mind, and adds a lot of floor space while reducing the costs of building. How is this possible? Well, racks and shelves are bolted into the mezzanine level while it is under construction, and these can be used as needed, or even unbolted from the floor to provide more flat space. What is so handy about these is that the whole mezzanine floor, with the racks bolted into it, can be moved too, if needed.

Of course, when talking about mezzanine floors, an image of corrugated iron or stainless steel often comes to mind, but these floors and the racks that can be used with them can actually be made of a number of different materials, including timber and high-grade hard plastics. This means you have utility and style that go hand in hand. Don’t forget that the mezzanine floors can be tiled or even carpeted if need be, which means you never have to compromise on style when getting them installed.

These types of mezzanine interiors and floors are very handy and they have uses galore, but are they right for your needs? Consider the floor space currently available to you. If this is very small and you struggle to find enough room to store items, file papers and even do you your work, this may be an ideal solution. Even if your office, warehouse or home has enough space, a mezzanine level can add a visual dimension, which means the space is more appealing. Also important is that mezzanine floors give you a space in which to expand to in the future, and if they are rack-supported, you won’t have to worry about space a year from now.

The cost of these types of floors is not as great as many people think, and in the long run, they can actually save you money since they are so useful and so versatile. If you have ever considered getting rack-supported mezzanine floors, or even the simple floors themselves, speak to the experts at Krost and get a real analysis of your space, and how mezzanine flooring could make everything you do just a little bit easier.