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Document storage solutions with racking

Despite the advent of cloud and computer storage systems, there are still aspects of almost every business that require, whether by law or necessity, document storage. This can be difficult to maintain and keep orderly, particularly when a company is large and paper is the life-blood of the organisation. If you need help sorting out your filing and paper, Krost will assess, provide and fit racking solutions for any office, no matter the size.

Keep some of the following tips in mind when storing paper, as many companies are compelled, by law, to ensure order and safekeeping of documents for several years.

document storage solutions


Krost Shelving and Racking provides racking solutions for any document storage business, no matter what size or what industry. Our racking systems are diverse enough to cope with almost any requirement. We deliver our high-quality equipment all over Africa, from Johannesburg and Cape Town, to Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

If you’d like more information about racking, visit our website and have a look at all of the solutions we have on offer, or you can give us a shout by calling our head office on +27 11 827 5555 or email us on sales@krostshelving.com. Alternatively, we can get back to you – simply fill in your details and query, and we’ll contact you.