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Does your business need a mezzanine floor?

While demand for space, especially in the more metropolitan areas of South Africa are at a higher premium than ever before, moving your business – no matter what industry you are in, is becoming less and less viable. For this reason, the creation of a mezzanine floor (an “in between” or partial floor), is becoming an affordable and highly practical option to consider; most of all it can end up affecting the bottom line of your company.

So does your business need a mezzanine floor, will it end up helping or hindering the business? Before taking the plunge and making this addition or alteration to your space, consider all the variables.

Some of the benefits of a mezzanine for your business include:

Increase your valuable retail space – retail space, especially in shopping malls, is notoriously costly. Instead of keeping your extra stock at a second location, the addition of a mezzanine floor will help you store your extra stock, but with easy access. As a consequence, you will have more space for your valuable floor stock and you won’t have everything on top of each other on your ground floor space, making the store easily accessible and visually uncluttered.

Up the value of the building/rental space – by simply adding a mezzanine floor you can increase the value of the building or rental space. Consult a real estate agent to discuss by how much the value can potentially increase.

Create an office space – need an office space but there isn’t enough room on the ground floor? This is a great way you can use a mezzanine floor and maximize on the space. By creating a workspace on the mezzanine floor, you will not affect the ground floor activities.

A lock up area for valuable items – need somewhere to stock more valuable items and machinery? Your mezzanine floor is perfect for this.

Built for your space – the addition of a mezzanine floor can be easily built and adapted to your space and your bespoke business needs. Luckily, the construction is relatively easy to build up or, if required, move over to a new location.

For more info and guidance on your mezzanine flooring construction contact Krost Shelving today.

Image Credit: http://www.sandlmezzanines.co.uk/Mezzanine-Floor-Photos/