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How to Encourage Safety around Your Racking and Shelving Equipment


When you are dealing with racking and shelving equipment in a fast-paced, industrial environment, the risk of accidents increases. And, accidents are things that you just don’t want around your warehouse. In addition to damaging business processes, you simply don’t want your valued employees to be hurt.


So, it is important to introduce a culture of health and safety in your warehouse.  This will help protect your staff members from injury, as well as help you curb financial losses as a result of those injuries. After all, medical expenses from on-the-job injuries are rarely cheap, and your productivity also suffers from the absence of staff members.


But, how do you introduce such a culture, especially if your business and its processes are already established? Here are a few tips:


Creating a Racking and Shelving Safety Culture


  1. Start at the Top

If you want to introduce some serious changes in your warehouse, regardless of the area, you have to start at the management level. Schedule a few meetings in which you discuss your current safety situation and highlight where it needs to be. It will also be helpful to bring in lower-level management who work on the floor, and will thus know the areas in which safety needs to improve. Once you have a strategy in place, begin letting the changes trickle down to the warehouse floor.


  1. Create a Budget for Safety

You need to allocate a portion of your monthly budget to safety improvements. These improvements don’t necessarily have to pertain to safety equipment (you should spend money on proper training as well) but you need to spend money on safety in general if you are serious about improving it.


  1. Introduce Medical Check-ups

Part of your safety budget could be spent on the introduction of regular, free medical check-ups. These will ensure that your staff members aren’t concealing injuries and that they aren’t succumbing to injuries that develop over time.


  1. Enlighten Staff as to Procedural Changes

A new strategy will only be successful if everyone is on board and up to speed. It is thus important to ensure that every employee understands the new procedures and is ready to follow them. You may also consider placing notices up around the warehouse that describe new procedures and changes.


  1. Hold Regular Safety Meetings with Staff

Once you have decided on an updated safety culture in your warehouse, you can perpetuate that culture by holding regular meetings with your staff. These can serve to ensure that safety procedures stay fresh in the heads of staff members, and you can also use these sessions to take comments and suggestions from the workers on the warehouse floor.