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Ergonomics and your Warehouse – Where can you Improve Efficiency?

Ergonomics as a science hasn’t been around for all that long, but as a principle, it’s an essential part of the survival of all living creatures. All beings in the animal kingdom try to obtain as many resources as possible while expending as little energy as possible. It’s a basic tenet of survival – you must take in more resources than you use.

This is, essentially, what ergonomics is about, with a modern twist to it. It is the study of efficiency in the workplace.

As warehouse shelving manufacturers for 50 years, we have made it our business to ensure that all of our shelves and racks are designed not only to hold stock, but to make picking and packing as easy possible for employees.

The benefits of looking at the ergonomics in your warehouse are innumerable. By improving efficiency among your employees, not only you can save a great deal of money by reducing wasted time, but you can save money on compensation for employees injured at work, too.

Each year, a number of warehouse workers suffer from back and other physical injuries, and this is so often unnecessary. Companies that practise effective ergonomics can save a great deal of time, money and hassle. If you’re looking at enhancing the ergonomics in your warehouse, have a look at some of the areas that can be improved upon:

Posture: One of the biggest culprits is bad posture. Many people may not be aware of the best way to manoeuvre in the warehouse. For example, when stooping to pick up something heavy, employees should be bending from the knees, not the back. When you bend over instead of crouching, your back is taking the majority of the weight. And if this happens over a hundred times a day, a back will only last so long before the strain causes an injury.

Recurrence of processes: Are your employees trekking across the building several times a day for the same reasons? Examine the amount of movement that they do each day and concentrate on minimising it as much as possible.

Desk-sitters: It’s not only the employees moving about the warehouse all day that are vulnerable to injuries.

Someone can do just as much damage sitting in the same bent position for nine hours a day. Encouraging employees who sit all day to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour or so will do much for their productivity. Not only can this re-energise them, but it will do a lot for reducing the risk of injuries.

As premier warehouse shelving manufacturing in Johannesburg, we have been helping businesses all over Southern Africa make their workflows better and their production more effective for half a century. If you’re looking for a warehouse shelving manufacturers that can truly make a difference to your business, contact us today.

Image credit: workerslawwatch