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Ergonomics in the Workplace

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Ergonomics in the Workplace

How conveyor systems decrease the risk of injury.


When we think of injuries in the workplace we often think of the injuries that occur as the direct result of accidents.  However, around a third of workplace injuries are attributed to problems that occur over time, such as musculoskeletal problems.  These issues, which include the likes of back injuries, muscle strains, and even carpal tunnel syndrome, are largely brought on by a lack of ergonomics in the workplace.


Workplace ergonomics are systems that are designed to reduce the strain on the human body.  One such example is carton live picking systems, the wheels of which facilitate the smooth transition of products between departments.


If you have a fit workforce, then the efficiency of your warehouse or workshop will be high.  However, ergonomics have to be implemented with care or they can actually cause more problems than they solve.


As carton live manufacturers, Krost knows the importance of properly implemented ergonomics.  Thus, in an effort to help you and your employees, here are some ergonomic solutions for your consideration:


Correct installation

Choosing the best carton live manufacturers for the installation of your systems is very important, as this will allow you to work with experienced individuals towards a common goal – the sustained health of your employees.


The factors which you should consider during the installation of equipment are:


  • Height of work surfaces:  This is the height of the work surfaces relative to the floor.  While some workers are taller than others, this distance should be set to a comfortable height for the average worker.


  • Reaching distance:  This is the distance at the edge of a conveyor, where the workers need to grasp and lift the products.  This distance should be kept as small as possible, paying consideration to safety.  No stretching or bending should occur as this can lead to muscle strain.


  • Working height:  This is the level at which the workers will need to hold their hands to move the products, as well as accept them.  Making this level too high or low can cause musculoskeletal disorders.


Using gravity

Gravity is an excellent tool for the facilitation of product movement.  This means that employees do not have to strain themselves moving heavy loads.  Gravity conveyor lines, such as carton live picking systems, are perfect for workplace ergonomics, and have the added benefit of increasing efficiency.


Paying attention to these factors will mean that your employees suffer far fewer injuries.  In addition, energy expenditure will decrease and efficiency will improve.  It’s mutually beneficial.



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