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Everything You Want to Know About Cantilever Racking Services

A look at the specifics of this particular racking solution.


As expert racking services, providing a host of offerings including racking repairs and racking protection, we at Krost often get asked about the specifics of particular racks.  Each type of racking that we offer has its own particular strengths and applications, and we would like to provide more information on these.  This is why this article will focus on cantilever racking, and its details.


Cantilever racking is essentially a series of vertical beams, onto which a series of protruding arms are fixed.  The arms are used to hold the load, the weight of which is supported by the strength of the vertical beams.


What is it used for?


Because there is no flat surface, like a shelf has, to be able to support the load, cantilever racking is not usually used to store smaller items.  It is ideal for the storage of long loads, such as wooden beams, steel or plastic piping, and sometimes carpeting or fabric rolls.


What are the specific parts called?


Cantilever racking consists of four major components.  These are:


  • The Base:  This is a horizontal series of interconnected components that must support a lot of the weight of the load.  It must be rigid enough to keep the entire rack from toppling.


  • The Uprights:  The vertical beams that extend upwards from the base are called ‘uprights’.  These must be sturdy as they bear a lot of the weight, which is transferred in from the arms.


  • The Braces:  These are horizontal and diagonal pieces that connect the uprights, keeping their distance precise and adding strength.  They are places at different heights between the uprights.


  • The Arms:  These are the pieces that actually bear the load.  Even if they do not take its entire weight, these pieces still have to be very sturdy, and it helps if they feature racking protection, which will reduce the need for frequent racking repairs.  The arms can be set at differing angles, depending on their specific load.  


What are the advantages?

Though cantilever racking is commonly used to store long items, like the ones mentioned earlier, extra arms can be added to suit any load.  It is also able to store pallets.  The fact that it is easy to install and customise makes it ideal for a variety of storage situations.


These advantages, plus many more, make cantilever racking a very popular solution for warehouses.  For more information on cantilever racks, be sure to contact reliable racking services, like Krost.