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Finding The Right Racking System For Your Needs

Whether looking for the racking system you need for a home office, or a massive one for a large warehouse, you need to understand the basics of racking before you purchase any. This will help you ensure you get exactly what you need, saving you time and space and helping you make your business more efficient. Anyone who thinks that all racks are the same is sorely mistaken and this misconception costs businesses thousands, if not hundreds of thousands each year.

Consider all of the racking storage systems available to you, based on your storage needs. You’ll know the type of rack you need by the type of industry in which you operate. A cold storage business for example, will need cold storage racking so that the cold chain is not broken. Special vehicles that are built to transport fresh milk for example, keep products cold but if products are stacked on conventional racks, the cold chain is severed.

Similarly, a business that deals in live storage solutions will need storage racks that can accommodate livestock from chickens and goats, to shellfish and even eggs, with demarcated spaces that allow the goods to be kept safe when stored.

You will also need to consider the weight of the racking. Lightweight racking systems are ideal if you need to store a number of items in a vertical position but you will need heavier and sturdier stainless steel racks if you intend to store large and heavy products.

In this case, you may even want to consider push back racking which allows you to access some of the stored products in a last-in-first-out order. This means that you don’t need to unpack every single rack, pallet or box to get to the product you need and the warehouse is kept neat and tidy.

This array of racking and shelving systems may seem like a lot, but it is by no means exhaustive. For those who have not had extensive experience in this field, there are also mobile racks, drive-in racks and a myriad of others, such as you would find at Krost Shelving, for use in all manners of industries.

Before you buy any racks for use in warehouses, small storage units or even in cold storage, ensure that you are getting the right ones by speaking to the experts and doing your research. The types of goods you sell should help you figure out which rack is right for you, but if you do not know, consider such factors as costs, shape and weight, which may help you make a better long term decision about the racks you need now and those you may need in the future.