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Five Ways to Keep a Lock On Your Warehouse Security

While metal school lockers are a convenient and simple method of multiplying storage space, it can also be a dangerous endeavour if not installed properly. A warehouse can become a busy environment and there are several concerns surrounding shelving and lockers when you consider the safety of your staff.

Keeping count of the number of injury-free days inside your warehouse should be a thing of the past. Whether you are planning to install racking units, mezzanine floors or looking for any locker units for sale, stop hoping for the best and make sure your warehouse remains a safe operating environment by following these five simple steps.

1 Keeping a neat working environment

With production being at the forefront when warehouse operation is on the line, functioning in a chaotic environment should not be a concern for any staff member. Ensure that the warehouse is neat and organised by installing storage lockers. This will not only decrease the risk of staff fumbling over objects, but a neat environment creates a sense of respect and appreciation for the company.

2 Shed light on every angle

Following the previous point, you should attempt and create a smooth operating environment inside your warehouse. Ensuring that the entire space is well lit is vital for an injury free operation. It also aids your security staff as they have more visibility from the security camera footage.

3 Tests the structural strength

Before your start shoving the storage lockers with any item you can find, test the locker’s strength first. Start by placing weighted boxes and see the locker’s weight limitations. This helps you understand what the limitations are and if there may be any structural flaws to the units. Make the necessary adjustments to the weakened structure and proceed by testing again. Do not end the process until you are completely satisfied with the structural strength.

4 Stack neatly

Placing items in an orderly and structured manner not only ensures a smooth operation but also the safety of your staff and equipment. A well organised locker storage solution is key to a well-functioning warehouse operation. Keep this in mind when you are contemplating those lockers for sale. Remember that safety comes before cost and space.

5 Only choose certified products

Choosing your next locker storage solution can prove to be a time-consuming matter. Make it simple by eliminating half of the options and choose certified products from Krost Shelving. We take our manufacturing standards seriously, which is why we were awarded the SO 9001 – 2000 certification for our excellently designed and manufactured quality products.

Image credit: www.bigstockphoto.com