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Forklift Safety in the Warehouse [Infographic]

Forklifts in a warehouse are a vital part of any operation. Whether you require one to move boxes of stock, lockers for staff, pallets, or any other storage equipment, these machines are an indispensable part of smooth warehouse operations.

However, while they are necessary, they also cause a great deal of accidents every year. Or rather, careless behaviour with and around forklifts causes accidents.

There are many ways in which forklifts can endanger employees. One such way is with them being driven around carelessly and subsequently damaging items within the warehouse, such as lockers for employees or pallets. When these items are damaged and contain stock, wear and tear may occur at a rapid rate and, if not monitored, the collapse of them can destroy a great deal of stock, not to mention injure people within the vicinity.

Overloading is another common problem with forklifts, and this call comes down to inadequately trained operators. Operators need to be aware of many factors when driving forklifts, such as understanding how to properly use attachments. Each time a new attachment is introduced in the warehouse, training should be provided for each employee who will operate the machinery.

Furthermore, another important point to remember is to inspect the forklift before it is used. Many people see this as a hassle, but sometimes it only takes a little wear on the machinery to cause a great deal of irreparable damage.

If you’re interested in improving forklift safety in your warehouse, have a look at the infographic below for some valuable tips:

lockers for staff

Image credit: National Positions and Lift Truck Capacity Calculator

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Main image credit: Serkuleinsaat