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The Future of Shelving

5 incredibly creative shelves from around the world.

While we often take them for granted, the shelving systems in our home keep us from a nightmare of clutter and disorganisation.  Shelves have always been a major part of homes around the world, and will continue to be because of the fact that they just make sense.  Shelves store the things we need in plain sight, keeping them always close at hand.  But, just because they serve a much-needed purpose, doesn’t mean that they can’t look great too.  Here are some of the most creative, ingenious, and downright cool shelves that appear in some homes around the world:

 House of Shelves

Shelving Systems


While we love shelving, we also love houses that are shelving systems.  This Japanese reading enthusiast had a collection of books so extensive that he commissioned an architecture firm to line all the walls of his house with shelving.  The result is a truly magnificent live-in library, whose natural wood gives it a warm, organic feel.

 Apartment of Squares



This ultra-modern Slovenian apartment was built with only one clear requisite; storage.  With this in mind, the designers behind this home came up with loads of interesting storage idea.  The stand-out piece, however, has to be the geometric shelf in the lounge.

 The Furnace Shelf



This remarkable piece of engineering is primarily a fireplace, but it doesn’t let that detail pull it into the conventional.  Fitted with all sorts of customisable shelves, this fireplace can take any shape, and is the perfect place to store fire-making paraphernalia.

 The Modern/Old School Shelf



Jaren Goh Design offers this fantastic looking piece of furniture.  The cubist exterior is decidedly modern, but the cutaway shape in its centre is reminiscent of classic shelving.  The result is a brilliant amalgamation of the two, that is perfect for a variety of homes.

 The Puzzle Bookcase



This brilliant design is both extremely clever, and pleasing to the eye.  This sleek, modern bookcase folds into itself when not in use.  However, it pulls out like a solid concertina to create this wonderfully aesthetic bookcase, that could also be used as a shelf.

Krost’s shelving systems are typically industrial, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t draw inspiration from domestic shelving.  These are some ingenious shelves for homes that make us happy to be in the shelving business.

Main Image: http://cdn.homesandhues.com/images/gallery/433/0/433/104_16-Cool-and-Creative-Shelving-Systems_3-f.jpg?v=1395382222