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Getting To Know Double Tier And Wall-Mounted Lockers

Lockers used for storage can be found in businesses, industrial spaces and homes around the country and as you have probably noted, come in many forms, sizes and materials. When it comes to buying lockers for your particular space, there are two forms you should consider if saving on space and on budget are concerns.

Wall-mounted and double tier lockers are not revolutionary in their idea, but where they distinguish themselves is in their ability to conform to any space and to just about any purpose.

Wall-mounted lockers can be used in a number of different ways. In their traditional sense, they provide a storage space for those who need to lockup their goods to keep them out of the way.

What you may not have realised is how effective they are as cabinets. Locks are actually optional and lockers, therefore, can become just about any type of storage space you need them to be. If you do plan on using these as lockers, there are many locking options you can choose from too.

Double tier lockers also provide an effective and efficient way of storing that saves space. In fact, you can double the storage space that you have available while not using any additional floor space, something that is exceptionally important in warehouses.

These can also be supplied either with or without doors and with many different locking systems. Perhaps their most unique feature is that they can be either wall mounted or not, which means transferring them from one place to another is an option.

They can also be made to suit unique specifications, and for some, can even be three tiers high. Materials they can be made of include stainless steel, plastic and wood, depending on your needs and where they will be used.

Though the two locker styles mentioned here are great space savers, they are by no means the only options available to you in terms of budgeting on floor space. Speaking to the experts, Krost Shelving, may reveal a whole new range of lockers that can do the same job as your current lockers, if applicable, without taking up as much space.

Getting the right solution for your business, in terms of the lockers you intend to buy, means you need to consider their intended uses, and this will obviously have a knock-on effect on the cost.

If you need lockers and you are unsure of the types available to you, be sure to state your intentions clearly in terms of the way you will be using them and the spaces in which they will be used. This will assist the experts in giving you the best solution at a cost that meets your expectations.