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Guide to Finding Shelving and Racking Suppliers

So you’ve taken care of all the paper work and secured a premises for your business, but where will your products go? Do you need end bays? Corner bays? Or refrigerated shelving units? And when you find out what type of shelving and racking you need, just how much of it are you going to order?

Do the shelving and racking prices fit your budget? Are you looking for shelving and racking Johannesburg or are you situated in another area?

Once you’ve worked all that out, you will need to decide on the type of system you are going to need based on whether you have a shop or warehouse, as well as what you will be keeping in stock. Wall shelving, free-standing shelving, refrigerated shelving units and warehouse shelving are the most common types of shelving and racking systems.

Wall shelves are the most versatile as they can be used in most stores and can carry heavy loads. They also have a neat appearance which is a plus when it comes to organisation and displays.

Free-standing shelves are the types of shelves most commonly found in smaller retail stores. Store owners prefer them because they are moveable, re-adjustable, durable and can be used to display almost any type of product. They just can’t store certain types of foods such as products which need to be stored in special refrigerated shelving units. Shelving and racking suppliers create these shelves with glass fronts to ensure that the food stored in them is visible to customers.

Warehouse shelving needs to be the most durable of all because of the large quantities of products it will hold. In most cases, some products will be incredibly heavy so the shelving needs to be able to withstand the weight for long periods of time.

End bays are often touted as being the best type of shelving to display special offer items and encourage impulse buys. These types of shelves are placed at right angles and the end of gondola shelves.

Now that you have an idea of what your next step is, contact us to get a quote for all your shelving needs.