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Helpful Library Shelving Ideas

Whoever said that library shelving needed to be boring? When it comes to Krost’s library shelving solutions, we provide our clients with whatever clever and unique designs they need to make the most of their library space, while still appealing to the public.

When considering what kind of shelving systems you’ll need for your library, it’s important to consider what kind of atmosphere you want to create for people. Do you want to create a space for people to sit down and relax to browse through a book or magazine, or do you want people to come in, select their books, and leave?

Another element to consider is the kind of books you’ll be keeping – heavy text books and encyclopaedias will require more heavy-duty shelving than, say, magazines and newspapers.

Many people associate libraries with warm, comfortable places where they can relax, so it might be a good idea to try to recreate this feeling with your shelving, regardless of what you stock. Have a look below for some cool library shelving ideas that will give people a reason to visit you, and stay:

Colourful Children’s Shelving


Image credit: bjoku.com

Everyone wants to educate the children of today, as it promises a better tomorrow. And one of the best ways to get children to love to learn is to provide an environment that excites them and makes them want to enter it. Colourful shelving can be an excellent way to create an atmosphere that is fun yet still educational for kids.

Classic Wooden Shelving


Image credit: timetrax23 via Flickr

Few can deny the appeal of a classic, wooden shelving look. It simply beckons people to come in and stay. It is sturdy and practical, as the walls are lined with storage space, and people have the centre of the room with which to walk around or browse through volumes in comfort without being cramped.

Gondola Shelving


Image credit: NPL Newburyport Public Library via Flickr

This can be a practical solution if you like to change your displays frequently and you want to switch up the arrangement of your library. Gondola shelving is robust and strong, and can easily be moved from one location to another with little disruption to surroundings.

If you are looking for a library shelving solution that is as versatile as your books, contact Krost today! We manufacture and install quality storage solutions. Our shelving products are made with the highest quality materials and each is manufactured with great care, to ensure that you get the most affordable solution without compromising on quality.