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How Ecommerce Has Boosted the Warehouse Shelving Industry

Ecommerce changed the way business is done for a lot of retailers. Many little stores moved from brick and mortar to ecommerce to avoid being overlooked completely, while big stores and chains had to quickly incorporate ecommerce into their operations to accommodate the rising numbers of online shoppers. But, while this made it a tricky environment for retailers, the warehouse metal shelving industry was, and is, prospering.

Moving online meant that stores didn’t have physical space in which to keep their goods, which bumped up the need for commercial spaces offering warehouse shelves for rent. And, with many operations opening their own warehouses, the demand for warehouse storage shelving went through the roof.

But, the warehouse shelving industry wasn’t only affected by increased demand. What ecommerce did to the expectations of shoppers had a knock-on effect that changed the priorities of warehouse storage shelving owners.

Ecommerce succeeded in speeding up the purchase process, making buyers expect their items delivered within two or three days of making their online purchases. This meant that warehouses needed to increase their order filling process to a huge degree. Productivity was important before, but this made it paramount.

The New Demands on Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse owners and managers now have to adopt a less-standard, more customised approach to fitting their warehouses with shelving units, and arranging those units for optimum productivity.

The rising ecommerce industry has seen more demand for the following types of warehouse metal shelving and racking:

1. Selective Storage Racking

One very noticeable change to warehousing in the light of the ecommerce boom is the way that orders are filled. While shipments used to go out it in bulk to stores, now the products are shipped directly to customers. So, while whole pallets used to be picked, now pickers need to pick individual items.

This means that access is vital, which has made selective storage racking very important to operations. This way, pickers can see and access the exact items they need to make their picks.

2. Carton Live Racking

Carton live racking uses inclined platforms to slide products down to the picking face. This has proved very important in recent years for one particular reason: it’s quick. With carton live racking, pickers receive their items much faster, which boosts productivity and helps warehouses cope with the huge demands in the ecommerce era.

In the future, warehouses might very well require unique designs for their biggest products based on accessibility, quantity, and many other factors. But, for now, warehouses are enjoying the many different kinds of racks and shelves offered by leading suppliers.

If you need to upgrade your racking to meet your demands in the age of ecommerce, contact Krost today!

Image credit: http://mhlnews.com/evolu-ecommerce