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How to Ensure Organisation With Your Shelving and Racking

Being a leading shelving and racking supplier means that we are privy to some inside information when it comes to the organisation of shelving and racking systems. And, since we would like you to make the absolute best of our shelving and racking for sale, we would like to share a few tips with you.

So, getting straight to the point, here are a few tips to keep not only your shelving and racking systems but your entire warehouse clean and organised.

Shelving and Racking Tips from a Leading Shelving and Racking Supplier

1. Use Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is an absolute must when it comes to warehouse organisation. The vertical stacking allowed by pallet racking means that you can optimise your warehouse’s overhead space, stacking large amounts of inventory extremely efficiently. This doesn’t only give the impression of organisation, it actually allows for improved picking processes. And, as an added bonus, safety can be greatly increased.

Another benefit of using pallet racking is the savings with regard to shelving and racking prices. With the affordability of our pallet racking compared to other forms of shelving and racking for sale, you could end up saving thousands in your first year alone.

2. Use the 5S System

Known for its efficiency and cleanliness, it is no wonder that Japan invented an entire methodology surrounding organisation, with each step beginning with the letter ‘S’. Loosely translated into English, the 5 S’s remain; these being Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain.

The trick is simply to sort out what parts of your warehouse you actually need and eliminate the rest. Next, organise your warehouse in a way that lends itself to workflow. The third step involves the thorough cleaning of everything from your racking to the floors. Next, standardise your processes so that all your employees understand the importance of uniformity for organisation. Finally, find a way to sustain this newfound organisation.

3. Re-think Your Design

Paying more attention to the ‘Set’ part of the last pointer, warehouse design is important for organisation. Find a way to store your products safely that will still allow for a smooth transition process right from picking to shipping. Be sure to think of all possible obstacles and compensate for these.

With Krost shelving and racking prices being as affordable as they are, now is the ideal time to replace old stock and rethink the layout of your warehouse with a view to complete organisation. Hopefully the above pointers give you the inspiration necessary to achieve a workflow design in your warehouse that is nothing short of awesome.

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