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How to het the best out of gondola shelving

Gondola shelves are a free-standing form of shelving fixture that are a firm favourite amongst all types of retailers, due to how easy to use and incredibly versatile they are. With so much weight-bearing capacity, and many display options available, gondola shelving is ideal for shops that sell small items, such as craft, stationary and hardware stores, or businesses that sell heavier goods such as electronic appliances or even books. Gondola shelves are generally available in three distinct forms: free-standing (with two sides of shelves, used in the centre of the store or to create separate aisles), wall gondola shelves (single sided, usually to go around the perimeter of the store layout), and end caps (specifically designed for use at the end of aisles, where special and attractive displays are most desired).  As suppliers of some of the most high quality and reliable gondola shelving South Africa has to offer, our experience has given us some special insights on how to get the most out of your gondola shelving, by stimulating buying, using space efficiently, and a bit of clever merchandising.

DO: Make good use of space

Before you choose the number, size and type of gondola shelving fixtures for your space, be sure to make an accurate floor plan of your store. Make notes of exact measurements, and don’t forget to take into account other furniture and fixtures you plan on incorporating as well. Gondolas are large and bulky, and can be considerably difficult to move around, especially if there is stock on them.

DON’T: be tempted to create overly wide or narrow aisles

There is no better fixture for creating tempting aisles than gondola shelving, but it is a mistake to make aisles too wide or narrow. Wide aisles mean customers tend to simply walk past stock without being enticed to look at what you are offering,  while narrow aisles can potentially cause irritating traffic jams or an unpleasant shopping experience overall.

DO: Keep your Gondola Shelving Well Stocked
Due to their impressive size, gondola shelves can take a considerable amount of stock, and business owners should take full advantage of this fact! Well stocked shelves mean less re-stocking hassle, freeing up your staff for other tasks and better customer service.

DON’T: Overstock

Studies on consumer behaviour have shown that customers like to see well stocked, abundant shelves, but that too much clutter or overstocked shelves are off-putting and may even negatively affect sales. Overstocking shelves should also be avoided as it can lead to warped, bowed or even broken shelving, making your displays even more unattractive. Be sure to stay within the load-bearing limits of your particular model of gondola shelves.

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Main Image Credit: www.staples.com