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How to Organise Your Shelving to Encourage Impulse Buying

A look at the ideal layout for a shop.

As shelving suppliers, Krost Shelving understands the power of the merchandise shelf. At a glance they appear to be designed merely to hold products and display them for customers. But, while this is their core purpose, their uses extend far beyond this.

When strategically placed, shelving can be the difference between a person leaving a shop with the single item that they entered to buy and leaving with two trolleys full of goods, and a few bags waiting for a second trip to the car.

Ever since retailers began latching onto the psychology of shoppers, they have been catering to their every subconscious desire. So, if you have a fresh batch of shelves straight from the shelving manufacturers, here is the best way to put them to use:

Finding a good layout

The placement of the shelves in your store should be aimed at getting customers to act on impulse. You don’t want to force your products onto them – you just want to remind them that you have what they want, and they’ll take care of the rest. We’ll use a supermarket as an example, but the principles regarding shelf layout are all similar and should work for any shop.


The area that shoppers encounter immediately upon entering a shop is called the decompression zone. This area is very important to you as a shop owner. You want to have this area subconsciously prepare your customers for the shopping experience, and get them into the mood for spending. Filling this area with your most eye-catching items and items on sale is a great idea. This will also attract people from outside the shop.

The front section

There are sections that you should incorporate into the front: the bakery and the fresh produce section. Ideally, the fresh produce section should come first. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often what people come into the shop to buy. Once they have filled their baskets with these, they feel nice and healthy and are open to treating themselves to a nice snack. This is when the delicious smell from the bakery hits them, and they often ending up buying more than just a snack.

The middle

It is usually a good idea to put popular items like eggs and milk on the other side of the shop. This way, customers have to pass by the items that might not have been on their shopping lists, but look very appealing.

The till area

Some supermarkets allow separate queues for each till, while others channel all of their customers into a single queue and feed them, single-file, into the till area. Either way, the customers are always exposed to smaller items, such as sweets and chocolates, to trigger that last ounce of impulse.

The single-file queue is more effective as it exposes the customers to a larger variety of items, which means that you, as a store owner, can appeal to a wider variety of tastes.

Shelving suppliers like Krost specialise in fabricating high-quality shelves for a variety of purposes. However, it’s the awareness of factors like the buyer’s mentality that make us one of the leading shelving manufacturers in the country.

Image credit: telegraph