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How to Put Up Shelving

Are you a regular Bob the Builder or do you still mistake your tool box for a lunch pail? DIY (that, FYI, stands for Do It Yourself), is for everyone and anyone. In short, it refers to you doing building, home improvements or repairs by yourself and without professional assistance. If you are skilled in the art of DIY, you are probably quite handy when it comes to putting up shelving or fixing a leaking faucet. However, if you are still trying to hammer a nail with a spanner, you may need a little assistance if you are considering putting up some storage shelving.

Tips on how to put up shelving

Before you get started, it is important to know the difference between the various shelving options available. If your wife asks you to put up a book shelf in the study, she probably won’t be too impressed to come home and find you setting up gondola shelving. Likewise, if your significant other asks you to put up a shelf for ornaments in the lounge, you won’t be in the good books if you install industrial shelving instead.


Once you know what kind of shelving you want, the next step is safety. Make sure you have safety goggles and check to see that your tools are in working order. Before you start drilling, use a digital detector to confirm that there are no wires or pipes behind the wall you will be working on.

The next step is to select the spot where you want to put the shelf. Measure the height you want it to be and then use a pencil to mark off where the brackets must go. When finished, you can use a spirit level to make sure the marks are even. When selecting shelving brackets, it is important that they are strong enough to support not only the weight of the shelf but also what you intend to place on them. So, if you are putting up stainless steel shelving, hardwood, chipboard or steel shelving, it is important to have the correct mounting brackets to carry the weight. It is also equally important to put equal spacing in between each bracket.

With the markers in place, you can now drill holes into the wall and screw the bracket into place. A person must always be careful when using a drill and make sure they are using the correct drill head for the surface they are working on. Once the brackets are firmly mounted in place, you can put the shelf on top of them.

Image credit: Pixabay