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How to Think Proactively about Warehouse Safety


3 steps towards preventing injury in the workplace.

As a major supplier of racking solutions for warehousing, Krost understands the fact that warehouses can be dangerous places.  Fortunately, our warehousing racking solutions are extremely well manufactured, making warehouses safer.  But, in addition to opting for Krost’s industrial racking, there are a few other decisions that warehouse owners can make to increase the safety of their workers.

When it comes to reducing injuries in the workplace, prevention is better than cure.  It is far easier to prevent accidents than tend to them after the fact.  For this reason, being proactive about warehouse safety should be the ultimate goal for a warehouse owner.

Here are three ways to be proactive regarding warehouse security:

Put the power in the hands of your employees

No one knows the risks of warehouses better than the workers who encounter them on a daily basis.  Warehouse workers become finely attuned to the harmonious running of a work area, and can tell when something is not right.  This is why the best way to achieve workplace wellbeing is to have your employees come up with ideas on improving safety.

You need to create an environment in which all of your employees feel comfortable enough to be able to offer ideas and concerns.  There are two ways to do this:

Make it known that safety is important to the company:  Put into action certain processes that communicate the fact that safety is one of the company’s highest values.  Take employee ideas seriously and act on them quickly.  This will instil confidence in the initiative.

Allow employees to oversee actions:  Rather than having employees simply put suggestions in a box, have them take the physical steps necessary to create a safer work environment.  This will certainly improve employee confidence and morale.

Seek guidance from medical professionals

The installation of safe warehousing racking solutions, like those supplied by Krost, are important changes that take place on a visual basis, but some necessary changes are less easy to identify.  For example, chemical exposure may not reveal itself as a hazard in the short-term, but this can cause long-term harm.  This is why it is important to consult with, or even hire, medical staff to assist with the identification of these types of hazards.

Medical examination will identify potential hazards that could result in major problems over the years.

 Consult an industrial hygienist

Hygienists operating in industrial environments don’t simply locate potential health hazards, but also present solutions to these problems.  This is because they have to have a sound knowledge of all things pertaining to industrial environments, ranging from toxicology to physics.  The industrial hygienist’s research will range from employee interviews to outright scans, and will culminate in a clear report which details how to improve safety in your warehouse.

Your employees are your company’s biggest asset, and their wellbeing should be paramount as it is so vital to your business’s success.  These are three ways in which you can work proactively to provide a safe environment for your employees.  In addition to these, look at our racking solutions for warehousing to ensure that your shelving is of the highest quality.

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