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How to Use Gondola Shelving to Increase Front-End Sales

In today’s competitive economy, shops and supermarkets are constantly looking for better and better ways to attract customers’ attention, with the aim of encouraging more sales and therefore increasing their bottom lines. Of all the shelving types you regularly see in supermarkets, gondola shelving is probably the most common, and has been shown to be one of the most effective shelving systems for attracting customers to specific items.

What are Gondola Shelving Systems?

Gondola shelving manufacturers first devises the gondola design for its great functionality and flexibility, and these are two features that you can definitely use to your advantage when displaying your goods for sale. Gondola shelving is made up of a freestanding unit with a flat base and a vertical “wall” component separating the two sides. The wall is equipped with special notches, pegboards or slat-walls, meaning that depending on your display needs, you can attach shelves, hooks or hanging pegs at various positions and heights. Gondola shelving manufacturers will occasionally create exra-long gondola systems to form aisles which can be viewed from both sides, but laying regular-sized gondola shelves end-to-end has the same effect with the added advantage of being able to rearrange the configuration at a moment’s notice. Here are a few more ways to use gondola shelving systems to your advantage by stimulating sales through clever positioning and display techniques.

Increase checkout-line sales

Placed at or near the checkout queue, gondola shelves are your secret weapon when it comes to impulse purchases. When people are in a queue, you have a captive market, and by placing items at eye-level, your customers will barely be able to resist grabbing a last little something on their way to the till!

Illuminated Advertising

Gondola shelving systems are easy to personalise with the addition of signage, flashing LED lights, flyers, coupons and more. If you’re trying to increase sales of a particular item, elevating them to eye level and then attracting attention with one of these methods is a sure-fire way to stimulate demand for slow-moving products.

Krostshelving gondola shelving systems

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Clever aisle design

As any store-layout expert knows, the more time spent in the store, the more money is made from the customer. It is for this reason that you will often see very popular and common items, such as soft drinks, located toward the back of supermarkets. This is an old trick that is designed to make people walk through as many different aisles as possible while in the shop, so they end up walking out with their soft drinks and a few other things they’ve picked up along the way too! Gondola shelves are a superb way to direct people through the store through their positioning, and can even be used as aisle “end-caps”, which creates a maze-like effect for customers to walk amongst while they search for a product.

So if you’re a retailer and would like to stimulate sales and make your store more beautiful, neat and organised at the same time, get in touch with Krost Shelving and find out how we can make gondola shelving systems work for you!


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