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How Conventional Pallet Racking Works [Video]

Your warehouse needs to be organised and for this you’ll need to implement an effective storage solution. Whether you are using industrial lockers or pallet racking, your storage is essential to your organisation’s success.

If you’re looking to improve warehouse efficiency and are curious to see how some of the best storage systems work, read on, as we will focus on how pallet racking works.

Pallet racking is ideal for medium and larger warehouses as this provides an organised and versatile method of storing goods. There are various benefits to pallet racking, which is why so many businesses are implementing this system as their storage solution. Conventional pallet racking will allow you to make the most out of the available space you have, while organising your items in a safe and effective way.

What is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is the backbone to any successful storage facility. There are various configurations available and this provides maximum organisation for your warehouse. A basic pallet rack consists of steel frames that are upright, and connected by horizontal steel beams. Pallets will rest on these beams and the number of positions you can have depends on the height and space of the beams.

The rack components can be made from various materials, including steel; this gives the entire structure more strength and will last for years at a time. Selective pallet racking allows you easy access to every pallet and can be combined with other storage options, such as industrial lockers and warehouse shelving, for maximum efficiency in your warehouse.

Selective pallet racking gives you direct access to your products and it’s easy to install and adjust. It allows for the rapid throughput of pallets and there is also a large range of accessories available for these racking layouts.

Reduced Costs

Pallet racking allows for a cost-effective storage solution as you can maximise your space and utilise the space you have available to its full potential. It’s significantly cheaper than other options, making it ideal.

Pallet racking is also fully-adjustable, making it ideal for various businesses. These racking solutions can be installed on your premises, providing you with a customised solution for your unique packaging and storage needs.

For more information on how this kind of racking works, have a look at this video below:

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Main image credit: thepalletracks.com