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Incentives in the Warehouse

Racking Manufacturers in Johannesburg

How to motivate your employees and increase productivity at the same time.

With productivity so important to the warehousing industry, many warehouse owners are curious as to how to increase worker efficiency without making threats or creating uncomfortable working environments.  This is actually a universal issue which faces many employers.  Fortunately, its solution was discovered some time ago.

The single thing that drives the work ethic of many people is money.  Thus, the opportunity to make more money increases many people’s drives.  Employers can use this to increase productivity by creating an incentive program in the workplace.

As rack manufacturers in Johannesburg we are exposed to many different warehouse environments, and thus witness differing levels of productivity.  We can say that the warehouses that have implemented an incentive program have experienced some pleasing results.

A look at incentives

Incentives are far from a new addition to modern business.  In fact, people working in sales-related fields have been working on incentive programs for decades.  The service industry also works on this principal, where servers are more inclined to give good service if they believe they will receive a tip for their efforts.

However, as racking system suppliers, we understand the difficulty of this system in the warehouse.  What are the most beneficial activities, and how does one measure success in these?  Here are some tips on creating incentives that benefit both you and your employees:


  • Scale incentives for difficulty: By giving bonuses for doing average work, you only create complacency.  You should devise incentives that encourage employees to learn more complicated tasks, and perform these exceptionally.


  • Avoid compromise: If you give incentives for lower errors, make sure that this doesn’t affect work speed.  In other words, don’t sacrifice one area to reward another.


  • Measure accurately: As racking system suppliers, we know the value of hard work, but we also understand that it is often only seen in the final product.  Thus, don’t rely on a visual monitoring system for incentives.  Often workers may not engage in showmanship, but create products of exceptional quality.  Thus you should create a way of monitoring that accurately measures productivity.


  • Incentives should be equal: Don’t favour a particular department based on their job descriptions.  Favouring stock picking, for example, might create resentment and have all of your employees vying for jobs in that department.


  • Incentives should help you: Target the areas of your operation that are the weakest and design your incentive program around these.  This will increase your overall productivity and keep your employees motivated.


As rack manufacturers in Johannesburg we see a variety of warehouse operations, and can say that highly motivated employees lead to better overall efficiency.  So, if you want to boost your productivity through motivation, consider an incentive program that works for you and your employees.

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