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Incorporating Industrial Shelving and Racking

Materials Handling and Logistics Incorporating Industrial Shelving and Racking

When it comes to very narrow aisles, lift trucks are used to lift goods up as high as 12m. Fireproof pallet lift trucks are also being introduced in new factories and warehouses where cleaning products and flammable goods are being stored.

Industrial shelving and racking have come a long, long way with companies making use of technology to make warehousing and factories far safer and easier to navigate. Many companies are now assessing their material-handling equipment requirements for the storage shelving of their new factories. Investigating the product offerings, capital costs, maintenance support, additional value-adds and the entire life-cycle costs of all equipment.

Many companies are still continuing to make use of the services of long-term truck and material handling equipment suppliers, because materials handling is a critical function in any business and often these partnerships have been developed over the years and have proven to be very valuable. Having an excellent rapport with a material handling equipment supplier is important as it reduces down-time which is key to the success of most businesses.

The return on investment and not the initial price of the equipment is the most critical criterion for selecting a material handling equipment supplier. Having the adequate support to make proper use of your warehouse shelving is vital. Large companies need to have technicians present on site at all times and need to have back-up machines and battery maintenance facilities to ensure that large businesses experience a minimum guaranteed uptime of 99% at their factories.

Supporting this kind of range 24 hours a day is certainly a challenging task, but one that has motivated many material handling equipment supplier companies to ensure that when it comes to handling the products on all types of shelving they give only their best. When it comes to running a large warehouse or factory efficiently, whilst maintaining the quality of service for a long period of time, one needs the correct shelving, to do the basics correctly, to never take anything for granted and to continue serving every client with passion. This is the key to offering outstanding service delivery.

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