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How an Industrial Locker Is Perfect for a Construction Site

When we talk about the benefits of our products we often do so in a warehousing context, since the equipment we manufacture frequently ends up in a warehouse environment.  However, there are other fields that benefit from our products as well, specifically our locker storage.

With that in mind, we thought it would be good to focus on the benefits of a locker cabinet in an environment which differs from the storage and logistics industry.  So, in today’s post we will be looking at the advantages of a metal locker in the construction industry.

Great Uses for a Steel Locker in Construction

  1. A Locker Cabinet for Clothes Storage

The construction industry requires extra layers of protective clothing to be put on and shed throughout the course of the day.  This, however, can be very impractical without a place to store this clothing on-site.  Locker storage presents the perfect solution, with a safe and practical space for clothes storage that can be kept in a convenient on-site location.

  1. A Small Locker for Personal Effects

Construction workers often aren’t allowed to carry personal items, like smartphones and watches, around the site.  And, even if they were, they probably wouldn’t want to for fear of breakage.  But, a small locker that hold these types of items is ideal for both practicality and security.

  1. An Industrial Locker for Charging Tools

Some tools use battery power, which means that they have to be connected and left to charge somewhere on-site.  However, leaving them out in the open can put them at risk of damage.  But, by modifying lockers so that tools charge in isolated compartments, you protect the tools and your employees alike.

  1. A Steel Locker for Office Supplies

Construction efforts need administration from the site of the project, which creates the necessity of file and document storage.  Lockers present the perfect solution for this because they are safe enough to store documents, yet sturdy enough to keep at a construction site, where equipment is often subject to rigorous use.

Locker for Sale

If you’re looking for a locker for sale, you’ve come to the right place.  With a selection of quality-built lockers, we definitely have the metal locker for your needs.  So, whether you need them for the construction industry or a similar industry where the same uses apply, contact Krost today for your ideal lockers.


Image credit: http://www.dontpanicprojects.com/news/booming-despite-brexit-fears-celebrate-the-construction-industry-at-the-on-the-tools-awards/