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Keeping Your Employees Safe when Handling Goods

When it comes to storing goods in your warehouse, chances are that you will have products that are stacked high, as this maximises space. But when employees have to remove, replace or organise goods stored high on industrial shelving, you need to make sure that they are safe and know how to effectively handle the goods.

Picking from Height

In many cases, your employees will need to pick products from stacked industrial shelving and there are various ways that they can go about it. Firstly, they can use rolling warehouse ladders, as well as lift truck picking cages. A popular way is to use a lift truck, unload the specific pellet, obtain what you need and then replace it. However, some companies require their employees to climb these racks and this can be extremely unsafe.

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary danger is to only stack your items high if you really need to. If you are frequently picking from height, it might be a good idea to rethink your storage strategy or rearrange your products so they are more accessible to your employees. It also takes less time to pick at a lower height so you can also increase productivity if you regularly need to obtain a specific product.

Even if you have a smaller warehouse or retail environment and use gondola shelving, you can still avoid picking from height where needed. It’s all about the placement of your products and this is why it is essential to carefully plan your warehouse in storage facilities from the beginning. If you need to pick with a ladder, make sure that you use a proper railing system to ensure the safety of your employees, as well as a safe and effective way of picking products.

When using ladders there is all ways a safety risk so make sure that your ladder has a large work platform, as well as guard rails, to ensure that your employees will find it easy to work within heavy, bulky items that might otherwise unbalance them. Never use a conventional stepladder to pick from height as this is very unsafe and your employees can easily lose their balance and even slip and fall.

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Image credit: OH Assist