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Key points to note in library shelving systems

Library systems are not, as one would imagine, only for the storage of books. Library shelving refers to the storage of items that may have to be used again, and that you may need reference to, such as wines, paints and even non-FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) storage systems. So when you are setting up storage for your business, what key factors do you need to keep in mind?

For one thing, the physical systems you put in place should be considered, including the types of racks and shelves you use, whether the shelves are mobile, either manual or powered. This will depend on what you are storing and how many products you need shelved. When it comes to paint for example, you may find that a whole warehouse is needed to stock swatches, samples and pots of all the colours, and this is a massive undertaking. For storage of files however, a simple cabinet housed in one office may suffice. Remember to consider the weight of the products too, as this will impact the types of shelves you buy. Heavier items may be stacked high but only on shelves that can bear their weight.

You also need to think about how you will categorise the shelves and racks, so that you can easily access products when you need them. In most cases, this requires assigning a project manager to the shelving and categorisation of goods, and determining a system to make them easily accessible. This system has to be one that is clear and simple, so that anyone who needs to can access the products at any time. In the case of wines, for example, you may decide that shelving them according to their year makes sense, in broader categories or red, white, rose and champagne. For stationery however, it may make more sense to shelve according to the type of item, for example, pens and pencils followed by paper and notebooks.

Once your shelving systems have been planned, don’t forget to factor in a growth strategy. This allows you to adapt the system as your business grows and more products are added. If a few products are removed and replaced, you will need to reorganise the system. A referencing system can help with this, especially if it is housed on a central computer, or computer system, and can be cross referenced as needed.

These systems take time to set up but with the proper planning and correct shelving, you can ensure a library shelving system that is simple to use and helpful for the long term. Speak to Krost Shelving about the best system to service your business’ unique needs at a price that makes sense now, and in the long-term.