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Krost Shelving’s Racking Solutions

If you own a business where you require space to store merchandise, be it small, medium, or large, you’re doing one of two things: you’re either slowing your business down by expending unnecessary hours categorising your stock and then spending even more time searching for the merchandise you just spent so long designating, or you’re racking.

When you think of your warehouse, you shouldn’t be thinking of a mire that your operators need to slog through just to get to one little item. You should be thinking of space – metres and metres of floor space. At Krost, we think laterally, but only in the creative sense.

Krost shelving's Racking Solutions Our racking solutions provide you with almost endless amounts of floor space while maintaining order. This is because we store upward, making optimal use of all areas of your warehouse, not just the floor. Our expertise in shelving has given us, and therefore you, an edge in storage.

Krost takes the work out of storage management, leaving you time to enjoy the type of racking we know you prefer – setting up for a game of snooker.With several types of shelving on offer, we cater for almost all industries, and any size enterprise, from an office to a warehouse, whether hand-packing or using a forklift, we provide effective, structurally-sound shelving. This means no more stubbed toes on the box that just won’t fit on the shelf, or curses of frustration because you just KNOW you put that item there last week.